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 I Have been studying elk and mule deer in the Colorado Rockies for over 40 years. We have lived in large populations of elk and mule deer many times.  I have always found elk to be the most mysterious and majestic animal in the forest. When I first started hunting I started to believe that elk were like unicorns. I would only see glimpses of them every now and then. Some seasons not even a sign of the mystic creature. One day I bought my first elk bugle and I was bound and determined to learn the sound.  So my brother and I set out to a new area in the Flatt tops of Colorado. It was getting late and the darkness was coming fast. It was the day before the big archery elk season was to open. The sun was down and my brother and I broke out the trusty new Elk bugles and started blowing them like Sophomore students on a trumpet.  The camp next to us had to be dying as the sounds were horrible. We practiced late into the evening and the sounds were starting to be very accurate. The neighbor camps were blowing their bugles like fools just mocking us and laughing at us. Well we continued to practice until about 11.30 or midnight. When the neighboring camp we thought were still making fun of us.  So my brother and I snuck through the trees over to the neighboring camp trying to see who were the men  still up at this time of night making fun of us. When we got there the camp was totally gone. We then realized the calls we were getting back were from elk we had called down to us.  They were loud and magnificent. So we snuck back to camp and went to bed. Around 5.15 the next morning a huge bull rips the most crippling bugle off. I dove out of the tent and looked at my brother who was staring out his tent at me. His eyes were as big as silver dollars.  He said they are right over there. We both got dressed and grabbed our bows. We started heading over to the spot we heard the calls. I couldn't hear anything so I ripped one of my new bugles off. Immediately a bull screamed and went berserk in the trees. He was storming around thrashing the trees and the ground. I was hoping he wasn't stomping my brother into the ground. Then he ran off into the woods. My brother  came walking up from where the bull was and said "did you see that"?  I was shaking, Holding my heart beat down. We encountered 4 more bulls in the next hour they were coming from everywhere.   Then we rested. We were hooked. Since then I have been developing hunting products to ensure more times like these. In the last 10 years we have called in over 100 bulls and countless elk experiences. 


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