The South Park Mini MewTator Elk Call
  • The South Park Mini MewTator Elk Call

    This little cow elk/predator call will become your best friend in the field.  With 10 years of testing on both elk and predators there is no other product on the market quite as effective.  The sounds are so controllable unlike other elk calls the micro reed allows you to really throw the sound or bring it to a whisper just like the real animals will produce under heavy hunting presure. The small size makes it easy to and and cary so it can also work hands free. Once you learn to use this call you will find you cant hunt with out it. It is an exact sound of a lost calf or even a lead cow. I have noticed it to be the most effective elk call I have ever tried. I have hunted the Colorado Rockies for over 30 years of great elk hunts and I have tried every call made. I hope you will give it a shot and you to will be hooked on the Mew Tator sound. It the call the lets you Mew Tate To An Animal. 

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